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IOTAS working groups:

WG-SPECTRE - management of radio spectrum in Russia, including LPWAN

WG-NBIOT - test, implementation and experience of LTE rel.13

WG-LORAWAN - taking care of LORA practical use and experience in Russia

WG-UNB - expert group developing and maintaining open ultra-narrow band protocol

WG-metering - expert group dealing with municipal metering and regulations (electricity, water, etc)


14 декабря, Internet of Things Forum


Internet of things association (IOTAS) is Russian non commercial, non governmental organization created in December 2016.

Our mission is to increase the life quality of citizens by introduction of IoT technology in private, business, governmental, educational and municipal levels.

Association carries the membership for all interested parties, who share our values.

IOTAS has a horizontal structure built on the basement of multiple connections between interested parties. We are not focused on any particular vertical technology, but rather trying to connect members, startups, state institutions, regulators, educational entities,  industrial standards via our open expert platform.

Currently we carry 40 members with plan to reach 100 members by the end of 2017.  Our members are IoT platform developers, tech and IT companies, telcos, educational organizations, cloud providers.

The work of the Association is done by its members in various working groups. Among listed in the right column, we have idle groups waiting to pick up: smart cities, IoT an biometry, IoT in agriculture.