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Digitalization of agriculture brings maximum benefit

May 5 in Moscow was an international scientific and practical conference "Digital transformation of agriculture." The initiative was initiated by the Internet Initiatives Development Foundation (FII), the Internet of Things Association, the World Bank and the Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation, and the partner of the conference is SAS. The conference was attended by 347 representatives of the expert community and authorities, developers and integrators of IT solutions in agriculture.

Opening the conference, the editor-in-chief of the magazine "Agroinvestor" Nikolay Lychev noted that in Russia and all over the world, agriculture is among the top industries where digitalization brings the greatest benefit. First Deputy Director of FBG "Analytical Center of the Ministry of Agriculture of Russia" Sergey Kosogor in his speech noted that the program "Digital Transformation of Agriculture" developed by the Ministry of Agriculture of Russia passed the first stage of the examination and will be sent for further consideration in the near future. He told about which regions of Russia have already begun to introduce the Internet of things and digital technologies in agriculture. He also noted possible implementation risks - first of all, the lack of specialists and domestic solutions, as well as the inadequacy of the Russian regulatory framework in the field of digitalization. Sergey Kosogor also presented a plan of the nearest events on digitalization of Russian agriculture.

Matvey Alekseev, Communications Director of the ANO Digital Economy, talked about the digitalization in Russia, about working with the government and other major actors in the process. The most important, according to the expert, is the organization of end-to-end technologies in our country and, of course, personnel issues.

At the conference sections, participants presented both domestic and international developments in the field of digitalization. For example, the project to introduce animal identification using GPS with the definition of additional parameters related to health and other characteristics of individuals was proposed by MTS. And the project manager of the company "Farwater" Andrey Chuikin presented a system for monitoring agricultural machinery, which has been successfully used for many years in many farms.

The general director of J`son & Partners Consulting Svetlana Vodyanova drew the attention of the audience to the fact that the issue of digitalization of agriculture in our country began to be discussed only recently, and it is necessary to accelerate the introduction of digital technologies in this industry. She noted that due to low automation this area is under-invested in our country.

An interesting report was presented by the leading analyst of SAS Olga Prokopova. She spoke about zoning and new products for point farming. Olga Prokopova demonstrated to participants of the conference a new development of SAS, which helps to analyze the condition of agricultural areas and give recommendations on their further use. Thus, users of this service quickly come to the technology of precision farming. Speaker said that the service is fully ready for work will be tested "in the fields" in the upcoming season. She invited everyone to take part in testing the development at no cost.

The conference concluded with a discussion of ways to promote more active implementation of modern digital agricultural technologies for small and medium-sized farms in Russia.

You can watch the video of the conference on YouTube-channel AIV.

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